Now the camera in the picture should be installed at the gate of the residential building, and the back of Xiao Fang and his grandson Chu walks out of the ground floor. It was obvious that Sun Tzu Chu was still sleepwalking, but his pace was getting faster and faster, and he almost trotted all the way. Xiao Fang in the back was following him, looking very careful and cautious. The camera cuts again, and it becomes a dark street. The two figures can still be seen in the night vision lens, but they are far apart from each other. Grandson Chu gets into the shadow of the roadside and gradually disappears into the lens, apparently blocked by leaves and so on. Maybe he turns back to the residential building. Only Xiao Fang, the tour guide, stood alone in the middle of the deserted street, holding a flashlight and shining it everywhere. But he could no longer find the figure of his grandson Chu-apparently he had lost his grandson Chu, and his movements showed that he was very anxious, but it was understandable in such a dark night. Ye Xiao and Xiaozhi, like TV viewers watching the "Secret" reality show, stared nervously at the small screen. Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared in the camera, flying over Xiao Fang's head, looking like a strange big bird. But how can a big bird fly over in the middle of the night? Xiao Fang, the tour guide, raised his head in fear and rushed at the "big bird" with a flashlight. Secret Season 4 Full Version Chapter 10 The Last Princess Raksha Same time,Warehouse storage racks, same minute, same second. Even, the same place. A secret base deep in the stadium stands. Tong Jianguo, with a bandage hanging in his left hand, stuffed the pistol back into the armpit bag, held the jade spirit tightly in his right hand, and rushed out of the dark passage. He had locked Li Xiaojun and the man in black in the secret room, and he was no longer afraid of being seen. He rushed to the road formed by the cubicles and ran into several TV crew members,heavy duty racking system, who were startled by him and Yu Ling. An American girl screamed and hid in the toilet. Don't be afraid! Tong Jianguo knew that the staff would not hurt them, and of course, no one would have expected the members of the reality show to touch the secret base. He pulled Yu Ling to the exit, only to find that the door was tightly closed, and he could only move one hand and could not unlock it. He pulled out his pistol and backed up a few meters, but took it back and shook his head helplessly. The door was made of special materials, and Li Xiaojun, who was locked in the secret room, must have closed the door by remote control. What to do? They'll be out soon! "Don't worry!" He loudly calmed Yuling down and pulled her to the other side of the secret base. Seeing Tong Jianguo holding a pistol, the staff got out of the way in fear, and the whole secret base was in a mess. They quickly ran to another passage and found that there was a large ventilation hole overhead-such a large underground space, there could not be only one entrance and exit, at least there would be ventilation and discharge pipes, otherwise no one could live underground. Tong Jianguo, Cantilever Storage rack ,Industrial pallet rack, who recognized this truth, stuffed the pistol back into the armpit bag, moved a table to climb to the ventilation hole, and quickly removed the metal isolation cover, revealing a passage more than one meter in diameter. Although it was inconvenient to hang the bandage on his left hand, he climbed up with difficulty, and the wound on his arm was painful again. Then he stretched out his right hand and pulled Yuling up. Both of them were in the ventilation duct and walked to the end of the darkness with their heads down. It was obviously an upward slope, and before long they met another isolation cover. Tong Jianguo again removed it with one hand and pulled the jade spirit out. Outside is a large dark space, almost can not see a ray of light, like in an ancient tomb. Anyone in such an environment would feel a desperate fear. Yuling leaned shivering on Tong Jianguo and shouted around: "Hello, is anyone there?" "Shut up!"! Do you want to lead them up? Yu Ling was so frightened that he didn't say a word. Tong Jianguo reached out and touched his body, only to find that the flashlight he had prepared was missing! Maybe it fell off more than an hour ago while fighting with X in the stands. He cursed in his heart, but pretended to be calm and whispered to her, "You can't see anything here. You must hold on to me. If you lose me, you'll never be found again." So they walked a few steps forward, but hit a concrete pillar head-on. Tong Jianguo endured the pain on his forehead, reached out to touch the shape of the cement pillar, thought about it carefully and said: "If my guess is right, this should be the bottom of the stadium bleachers-the whole bleachers building is actually empty, and the interior is supported by these reinforced concrete pillars, so there is no light." Around the pillar continued to walk forward, this time he was much more careful, kept reaching out to grope ahead, and sure enough, he touched a cement pillar again. It is by no means smaller than the secret base below, but it is darker and scarier, separated by numerous reinforced concrete pillars, like a huge maze. In this world of absolute darkness, no sound can be heard, as if returning to the ancient corridor of the land of Raksha. Even the fearless Tong Jianguo, the hair on his back stood up-really can't find a way to escape? Suddenly, the top of the head lit up with a dazzling light, so that both of them lowered their heads and could not open their eyes. He gave a low roar, only to find that the whole labyrinthine space had been lit up with white lights. The ceiling, which is several meters high, is actually the bottom of the stand, showing a ladder-like slope, with a headlight hanging at a distance of more than ten meters. Who turned on the light? Another rush of footsteps sounded, and behind countless concrete pillars, an invisible ghost was hidden. It must be the man in black! They must have rushed out of the locked door and chased them here through the ventilation duct. Yu Ling grabbed his arm nervously, and both of them looked around blankly, as if they were trapped in a boulder maze, all pillars left over from prehistory-nowhere to hide! Fortunately, Tong Jianguo kept calm and pulled her to the far corner, where the shadow of a pillar blocked them from being seen unless they came to the front. Just now they walked too fast and too fast, and when they climbed into the ventilation duct too hard,heavy duty warehouse rack, the wound on his left arm with bandages opened again, and blood flowed out of the gauze, quickly staining half of his arm. What happened to you 。