"Why can't it work?"? This is better than admitting that his father was angry to death, because Yu Laoer was indeed forced to resign by Li Yi. There are many rumors outside. I don't know what painful foot Li Yi pinched him. This is not a glorious thing for the family. We give him a chance to defend the deceased Shen Xue. Will he still disagree? "What should I say about crying?" "That is to say, the words of the dead are the most effective when the old man is anxious and anxious before he dies, and can't afford to sue in the end, and when it is easy to fall short." "Can this pit Li Yi?"? When we met the emperor yesterday, the emperor did not say anything, which shows that the emperor did not believe it very much. "The fact that the emperor does not express himself shows that the emperor is also worried about this matter, and the fact that the old man can die of anxiety for this matter shows the seriousness of this matter. Even if he does not punish Li Yi for this, it is just to avoid enmity with those Jianghu people!" You Hun sighed deeply and said, "If the emperor takes the matter seriously, investigates it deeply, and makes a big deal out of it, that would be terrible!" Wouldn't that be better? How could it be bad? "Yellow Shirt Guest and Jia Xianer are good friends of Li Yi. They hate us. Midnight Flying Blade, can you still keep my head?" Du Ziming was also surprised, did not consider this problem before, and this is the most serious problem, pondered for a long time before saying: "Huang Jia and his like are Jianghu swordsmen who have a deep understanding of righteousness. As long as we can persuade Jackie Chan, to be honest,Pallet rack supplier, what Yu Er said before he died, I don't think they will take the lead for Li Yi." "Since they are the kind of sensible people, how can they pose a threat to the old man?" "Hun Gong, you know it and I know it, but no one else knows it!"! Yu Laoer's capacity is small, but his courage is not small. He is so angry that he can't be scared to death. This is the reason we have created. Do we believe it ourselves? You Hun heaved a sigh of relief and said,Narrow aisle rack, "I'm in a muddle. Old Du, you have to be careful when you do things in the future. This matter has nothing to do with us. It was a bad idea. The next day, I said a few more words. As a result, I got into trouble with myself." Du Ziming didn't regret it, but he couldn't say what he was suffering from. He sighed and said, "The trouble is all because of being strong. Right and wrong are just to open your mouth more. But Hunlao's habit of having a good name has to be changed. If it hadn't been for the day before Lady Wang's birthday, Hunlao would have revealed himself in front of several people, saying that his second husband would certainly be able to push Yu Laoer out of the position of minister." We didn't participate in the next day's things at all. We were happy to relax on one side. How could we be so upset? "Old Du, don't talk about me. I'm just making a start. But on the day the old man's resignation was presented, you said to everyone you met that it was only after hard planning that you talked about it." I.. I didn't expect Yu Laoer to die! He only said here to stop, because the prince and Gao Hui Li Yi and others have come out, everyone is very concerned about their look. Although the content of this secret conversation is unknown, its importance is known to everyone. It also adds to the mystery and drama of Li Yi's sacrifice with the prince, pipe cantilever rack ,Drive in racking system, but most people speculate that it was Li Yi who asked the prince to come to explain and resolve the feud between the two families. But is Jackie Chan willing to accept it? Everyone was surprised that when Jackie Chan knelt down to see the prince off, he was full of fear and trepidation, but when he knelt down to see Gao Hui and Li Yi off as a filial son, he was also respectful and grateful. His father was so angry that he could be so grateful. This is really an interesting question worth pondering and deliberating. The prince left, and the civil and military officials also left one after another, but You Hun and Du Ziming did not leave. They waited for a long time and re-entered the inner hall. Du Ziming first accosted Yu Chenglong and said, "Brother, I'm afraid there are a lot of rumors about Lord Zun's Xianyou. Brother has misunderstood us a little, so we came here specially to clarify it to Brother.". ” Yu Chenglong's reaction was cold: "The words of the two adults are too serious. My father is old and sick, and he has long been tired and diligent. Therefore, the above expression is sincere. He can't wait for the permission of the emperor to die because of illness. The sin is that Chenglong does not serve well and has nothing to do with others!" Du Ziming was stunned and said, "a few days ago, I saw Lord Zun at the birthday banquet for the old lady of Wang Ge. He was still in good spirits, talking and laughing." "My father was very strong all his life. He avoided medical treatment. In fact, he was born early. Although he died a little faster, he was over seventy years old. It was not an early death. Moreover, it was his good fortune to be able to die in this way and avoid the suffering of lingering illness." Du Ziming couldn't help saying, "Brother, as far as Xiaoguan knows, the rumors are not groundless, and.." But Yu Chenglong didn't let him go on. He said coldly, "My father has been in the court for many years. He has acted in a straight line. There are not a few people who have offended him. There are also many people who hope that he will die early. And there are especially many people who have added to the disaster secretly. My father is calm and fearless, except for the fact that heaven has taken away his life.". No one can create my father's life and death. The legends outside are all made up by some boring villains. Jackie Chan has no intention of hearing about them. "Brother," said Du Ziming, "you probably don't know there's a lot going on." Jackie Chan didn't even want to keep the last bit of courtesy: "My father didn't have a deep friendship with the two adults. He didn't say a good word to them before he died. Jackie Chan couldn't believe the rumors outside and couldn't bear the hospitality of the two adults. Please go home!" When he returned, he stunned You Hun and Du Ziming on the spot, and there were many hangers beside him. He was ridiculed and could not break out. Chang'an is a place with the most arguments, and the news that Du Ziming and You Hun were embarrassed in their funeral home soon spread out. They don't care about this. To be an official, you have to have the magnanimity to endure anger. But Jackie Chan's attitude towards Li Yi and the strong contrast of his indifference to them made them very uneasy. They couldn't even go home. Suddenly, they rushed to Wang Ge's house, but they were blocked. Then they rushed to Lu's house, and the family also replied that Zhongshu had not returned when he went out to visit friends. This is clearly refused to receive the expression, two people feel that the situation is not good, crustily skin of head to Li Yi's apartment, the reception of them is Li Sheng, said childe went out for three days, left words three or two days will return, the family is also anxious to find him, because the young lady is very ill. It seems to be true, Li Sheng's face has a heavy look of worry,radio shuttle racking, and the former famous flower Bao 11 Niang just sent the doctor out from the inner house. At the beginning, they were all regular customers. Although Bao Shiyiniang had already left her native place, she greeted them gracefully. Then she asked in a hurry:. omracking.com