Today's China is in danger! The government is at the top, the big powers are at the outside, and the people are at the bottom, like a tree in the air, covered with frost and snow, like a man who has been ill for a long time, and the whole country looks at each other as if it could not last all day. Those who are weak in ambition will stand by and do nothing, while those who have a simple mind will take risks in desperation. Those who are more than one or two people who are enthusiastic about Shen Yi will also hesitate to go astray. Ask what way China should be able to avoid subjugation, and how many people in the country know, so it is right. Husband, this problem is also difficult to solve with. The evil consequences of today are all caused by the government. If the government is reformed, the evil roots will be uprooted and the evil consequences will be eliminated. Although, in this and the second question arises, then the government should be able to reform by what way is also. Mencius replied, "This is already in the country.". Since it is said to reform the government, it is clear that the present government cannot reform itself. He Ye? If the present government is regarded as the object to be reformed, it cannot be regarded as the subject that can be reformed at the same time; if it can be regarded as the subject that can be reformed, there is no need to reform it again. But who can transform it? Mencius replied, Only those who stand outside the present government can reform it. Who stands outside the present government? One is called the monarch, the other is called the people. And when they set out to reform the cause, which of these two aspects is powerful, this must not be overlooked. In today's Tan politics, there is no one who does not know how urgent it is to reform the government, but when it comes to the order of reform, they all want to leave the way to the monarch, but do not know how to take responsibility for the people. Therefore, there is a school of people who hope that the monarch will change his plans and start with the people, and that the present government will be transformed by the British, or that one or two powerful officials will help the monarch to take the present government and transform it. Although there are direct and indirect differences between these two statements, they are the same as those of the monarch. I think that the special psychology, its spirit in the reform of the government, has been a great thorn in the first place. He Ye? To reform the government is also to change the government without responsibility into the government with responsibility. A responsible government is said not to be responsible to the monarch, but to be responsible to the people. To be responsible for the monarch is to be responsible, then from the history of China to the present day, the government of China has never been responsible for the monarch, and how can it be transformed into? It is said that a monarch must be willing to have an evil government rather than a good one, and that there is no human feeling in the world. However, the monarch of today, whose desire for good government should not be very different from my peers. However, if it cannot be obtained, then the government of any country, unless there is someone to supervise it, cannot advance to the good. The government responsible for the monarch has only one monarch to supervise, and the monarch's supervision can never be complete, so the government can only escape responsibility to consolidate itself. It is not only to escape, but also to shirk the responsibility of the monarch, so that the monarch can take the blame for himself and thank the people for himself. The root cause of government corruption is actually what it is. Therefore, constitutional politics must be based on the principle that the monarch has no responsibility; the monarch is purely detached from the government, and then the government has no room to escape responsibility. Now the party will reform the government, but also to blame the monarch for this matter, is the first conflict with this principle, and the result will not be expected. However, it is clear that this kind of psychology can not be realized. At the same time, there is a school of opposition, saying that the corruption of the present government is actually caused by the present monarch, warehouse rack manufacturer , and that if we want to reform the government, we must take the subversion of the monarchy as the precursor. And this school is divided into two sub-schools: one absolutely does not recognize the existence of a monarch, saying that it must be a Republic, and then a good government can take place; the other is mixed with racial issues, saying that under the rule of the present monarch, there is no way to get a good government. This view is the same as that of those who hope that the monarch will reform the government, although they are opposed to it and want to recognize that whether the government can be reformed or not depends entirely on the monarch, then their fallacies are the same as that. The husband absolutely does not recognize the monarch, saying that it must be a Republic, and then a good government can take place. If the status quo of Britain, Germany, and Japan is used to question it, then its argument will be broken, so there is no need to argue deeply. When it comes to the question of race, and it is said that under the rule of the present monarch, there must be no way to get a good government, it cannot be explained without a word. As a monarch, there is no reason to desire an evil government rather than a good one. This is the constant feeling of man, and I say it for sure. This constant feeling is not different because of the same race and different races. The present sovereign says that he wants to keep his throne forever, and I believe in him. He says that he will sit back and watch the people being plunged into misery. Although he has a lot of regrets, he can't accuse him of this. Because I want to keep the throne, getting a good government is the only way to keep the throne. I believe that I am eager to get a good government, and I will not give it to my generation. Unfortunately, the other side is suffering from ignorance, so it is the way to get a good government. If the government is capable, it must be the government of the people. In essence, it is to reduce and kill a part of the monarchical power politically in order to make the people public. Politically, the reduction of a part of the monarchical power and the use of the people for the benefit of the monarch is really beneficial without any harm, which can be guaranteed by the history of Europe, the United States and Japan. However, human feelings are used to what they are accustomed to, but they are shocked by what they have not experienced. Therefore, a monarch who has been accustomed to autocracy for a long time suddenly hears of this righteousness, and the emperor says that he will be greatly disadvantageous to himself. He ponders over it and cannot bear it. He must wait for the people to threaten him aggressively. If he does not respond, the throne will not be protected, and then he is willing to surrender his heart. After the fall of the heart, see the husband is the happiness, but instead of more than in front of it, also want to go out before this with all their strength to resist, the degree is not dumb but laugh. Gai foresight is difficult to understand, and the authorities are easily confused, probably so. Therefore, throughout the history of all countries, we have never heard of a national government being established without a national movement, nor have we heard of a national government being established without a national movement, so that the cardinal is not in the monarch but in the people. At the beginning, there must be a confused view, which can not be maintained for a long time. This is the same as the monarch in the transitional era, and there is no difference because of the same race and different races. Those who hold the mentality of this school, on the other hand, only focus on the racial issue, and regard the political issue as the last plan. You reap what you sow, and you reap what you sow. They do not have to be aggressive for several years, but the political phenomenon has not made any progress so far. According to the latter, when the national movement was at its peak, there was no one who was willing to resolutely reform the government, so there was no need to blame the monarch for this. According to the former theory, although the monarch resolutely wants to reform the government, he must wait for the people, and then the reform can be expected, so he can not blame the monarch for this.